Back to School – Martina

We started school mid-August but it took us a month to get organized. Last June we picked the classes for Aviva’s Junior year. Besides few AP’s, we squished in a marketing class to help her with Ecuadane. She has a year of challenges to learn to manage her time and keep growing in experience, knowledge and love for others.

Martina goes to 7th grade and we are working on learning methodology. Because of her few years of seizures, her school learning was delayed, but we have been so blessed to see her now understanding, questioning, searching, memorizing, persevering.
We miss Anina a lot, but we get to talk to her every day and share her life stories.

Aviva is playing volley-ball with her St. Monica’s homeschooled team: “The Stormers”. They have played few schools and I am so touched by how hard the moms that run this team are training them to play well and work together.

Aviva got her driving permit. Every time we get in the car, somehow I find myself in the passenger side, and keeping my protective instinct to myself.

In our marriage, we are working to find unity, communication, improving the use of our time and prioritizing our relationship. I love being with my husband and I am working on remembering to appreciate, accept, and admire him.

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