Pre-Incan Origins – Cathy

Our blankets are made by native artisans from Otavalo, which is a town located below the Imbabura volcano in Ecuador. It has a pre-Incan origin. Some think its name mean “Place of our ancestors” by the Chaima language.  Others think it means “ Everyone’s blanket”  probably because it was the center for all passing merchants and the home of many tribes.  It is 2,581 meters over the sea level.

unnamed (2).jpg

Our blankets have been made by a single family for generations, so it is an honor for us to be able to share their culture and traditions through the Everywhere Blanket. Myrian and Francisco are the parents and main owner of the business. They have five children. Their oldest son Jary is married to Karen and they have a four year old child. The whole family works in the business. They have been doing this for generations.


Jary is Francisco’s son. He is the designer. The girls are impress about his kindness, honesty and creative talent. He works very hard for his family and is very faithful to his culture. Jary told us how important it is for them to grow and protect their ethnicity and culture. He loves the Indian tradition. He wants the world to know about his society and that each blanket has been thought and passed by the hands of each member of his family.

unnamed (1).jpg

Karen speaks English, Spanish and Quitchua. She was in a bicycle accident a couple weeks ago and broke her arm. Karen is very beautiful, kind, hard working and extremely honest.


Below is a picture of Francisco’s father weaving. By the influence of the Spaniards their first blankets were only black and white and 100% wool. Their culture loves colors and Francisco was one of the first ones trying new  techniques to bring bright colors to their blankets.

unnamed (4)


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