Northern California – Aviva

For my newest venture, I flew to California to visit my sister, Anina, at UC Berkeley, and the two of us took a road trip across the state!

I took an early morning flight from JFK to SFO, getting up a good two hours before the sun did. When I was carrying out my luggages to the car, I looked up into the dark star-filled sky, and saw a beautiful shooting star! A heck of a way to start a trip, huh? 😀


Because of time change, I arrived the same Sunday morning that I left. And the first thing Anina took me to after picking me up at the airport was Sailing in the San Francisco Bay! We were super lucky with sunny weather, and the water and skies were equally clear and blue.

After sailing, we drove to Baker’s Bay, where we sat and gazed upon the pacific ocean for a while. It was quite bizarre for me, though, because only a few hours before, I was looking at the Atlantic ocean as I flew out from Manhattan. And despite the number of times we have travelled to different places, the idea of being able to reach a different part of the world in such a short time never has always left me in awe…

After visiting Baker’s beach we went to an all-pasta Italian restaurant in San Francisco, where they made their pasta from scratch!


For the rest of the week until Thursday, I spent my time going to Anina’s classes at UC Berkeley, exploring the campus, meeting all Anina’s friends, and really just spending the week as a college kid! I loved how big all the classes were, and each of the professors were enthusiastic about what they taught. The campus is beautiful, overlooking the San Francisco Bay, and has so many places to study both inside and outside. With my interaction with students, professors, and faculty, I found that the spirit of Berkeley is filled with a great zeal to want to actively transform the world into a better and brighter place.


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