Study Adventure – Anina


On Saturday, my cousin and I went into San Francisco.

Being a college student can often feel like a 24 hour job. You have classes and then when you’re not at class you’re studying. And if you’re not studying you’re either working or doing errands. It can feel like it never ends.

So we went on a studying adventure.

The idea was to get out of Berkeley and find a coffee shop to study at. We were going to turn the drudgery of studying into something fun, an opportunity to explore a part of San Francisco we hadn’t seen before.

It can be hard to keep working at something especially when you’re so close to done. We have a month left of the fall semester and we are all ready to go home.

So we’re going to take a day at a time, making the most of the challenges we have, and most importantly have fun doing it.

We ended up having a wonderful afternoon spent at Mercury Cafe (highly recommend!) with great conversations, cups of coffee, and of course studying.


So here’s to more weekend adventures in search of coffee shops and making the most of every day


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