Finding Hollywood

After spending the week in Berkeley, Anina and I set off on a Road trip to Southern California!
It was an awesome ride, filled with music, great conversations, and much laughter 🙂 We even came across a spicy car!
Our first stop was Stanford University, where we visited our cousin, David. He gave us a little tour of the campus, and then we set on to our final destination: Santa Paula!
Of course, Anina being so practical, we didn’t take a single bathroom stop until 7 hours later I was in screaming pain/desperate. So this glorious stop was very much worth taking a picture at:
Arriving right before midnight, we made it to Santa Paula, where a bunch of our friends go to school at Thomas Aquinas College.
We stayed there for the weekend, taking a trip to the beach, joining their costume party, and visiting Hollywood.
Hollywood was definitely my favorite part, since it was my first time there (since before I somehow managed to drive past it several times and never visit it!):
On the way back from Southern California, we got to visit another cousin at San Luis Obispo, and then drove straight back to San Fran.
FullSizeRender 23
All in All, California was an amazing trip! I got to spend so much quality time with Anina, learning about her college life, and then to travel across the whole state visiting family and friends!
FullSizeRender 24

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