Pre-Incan Origins – Cathy

Our blankets are made by native artisans from Otavalo, which is a town located below the Imbabura volcano in Ecuador. It has a pre-Incan origin. Some think its name mean “Place of our ancestors” by the Chaima language.  Others think it means “ Everyone’s blanket”  probably because it was the center for all passing merchants and the home … Continue reading Pre-Incan Origins – Cathy

Behind Ecuadane – Martina

My mom and I, left to Ecuador on Sunday in the afternoon. We got to Quito at 10 o'clock and I was ready for our adventure to begin.  As soon as we got to my grandma's house, we went straight to bed. The next day we planed our trip to Otovalo. We got up at 6:20 and left the … Continue reading Behind Ecuadane – Martina